Hello Compass Users!

We are happy to announce that on November 15th, the Compass application will be getting a HUGE makeover!

mceclip0.pngThe New Compass Workshop Page

First, a little backstory...

The current Compass design has been in place since the inception of Compass -- all the way back in 2013!  Though we feel the current design isn't bad, it is a little outdated.  It was not built to be mobile-friendly, attempts to cram a bunch of information into small areas, and sometimes makes it hard to manage your data.  

Well, we are now in 2020, and it's time for a change!

We want to bring you a fresh look that makes information easier to locate, read, update, as well as ensure it is mobile-friendly.  Additionally, we want to make the site easier to maintain.  This means that new features can be rolled out faster and easier.  

For the most part, your information will be located in the same areas within Compass.  We didn't want to shock you with moving data all over the place, but we did want to clean it up a bit and make it easier to read.  Data is more spaced out, forms are cleaner, and important information is highlighted.  

Below you will find several screenshots of the new design.  We always welcome your feedback, and would love to hear any questions or comments you have on the new design.  Please contact us at help@compasshp.org!

mceclip1.pngWorkshop Listing


mceclip2.pngPersonnel Listing

mceclip3.pngCreate Workshop Wizard